Adventure Motorcycles Categories

Motocross Bike
+ Lightweight, aggressive, competition use
- Needs additional components for true off road use, needs to be road registered, not suited to carrying additional heavy weight
Enduro Bike / Trail Bike / Dual Sport
+ Lightweight, ready to ride off road, 
- Not suited to long hours travelling, not suited to carrying additional heavy weight
Enduro / Travel Bike
+ Mid weight, capable off road, more suited to longer journeys, suitable for carrying additional weight
- More difficult to ride on technical off road sections
Rally Bike
+ Ultimate competition bike for rally, lightweight, factory components
- Expensive, limited number available
Light Adventure Bike
+ Lightweight for an adventure bike, comfortable riding experience, suitable for carrying additional weight
- Heavy for an true off road bike, Suited to less technical off road, 
Big Adventure Bike
+ Amazing road riding experience, able to tackle basic off road sections, designed for long distance and long hours in the saddle, suitable for carrying additional weight
- Very heavy, expensive, not suitable for true off road,